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Florida Groundwater Problems & Pressure Washing Solutions

Driveway washing problems

While Florida is a great place to live thanks to its beautiful environments and sunny beaches, there are a lot of unique problems that come with the territory. When it comes to cleaning your property, the Florida groundwater can cause problems, especially if it is in certain areas where the water is heavy with minerals.

What Is In The Groundwater?

Florida is a particularly unique state when it comes to terrain. Depending on where you live you can have drastically different types of soil which will affect a variety of problems regarding your property. Factors such as mineral deposits, acidity, salt water to fresh water ratio in the ground, all of these not only have an effect on the structural integrity of your home, but also its cleanliness. Because of the many ways the water can be contaminated with natural substances, it can wreak a lot of havoc on your home if not regularly maintained.

Sprinklers And Mineral-Heavy Water

If you have a sprinkler system that draws from groundwater or even regular city water, you may unintentionally be causing stains to form on your home. A lot of the areas in Florida will have groundwater heavy with mineral deposits. These mineral deposits, while generally harmless to people and pets, can lead to large stains and discoloration forming on the outside of your home. You may have even seen it with certain homes that have a distinct orange color that seems to crawl up from the ground. A lot of these stains can be prevented with regular pressure washings, but it's important to understand where the source of the problem comes from.

Problems With Acidic Florida Soil

Depending on what region of Florida you live then, you could also have your property seated atop acidic soil. This acidic soil is actually beneficial in many ways as there are several plants that need to grow in acidic soil, such as with many of Florida's iconic citrus plants, but it can wreak havoc on your property. Much like mineral deposits in the water, this acidic soil can lead to the formation of stains. While soil may be less inclined to settle on the outside of your home when compared to water, it can form on the outside of your deck and fences well.

How You Can Prevent Groundwater Stains

There are some ways of preventing these elements from causing stains on your home. It is possible to have sprinklers that only spray in certain directions and don't spray on your home. This would ensure your lawn is properly irrigated without having to sacrifice your property's curb appeal in the meantime. When it comes to acidic soil, placing a barrier like decorative rocks can help keep the soil from staining the surface.

The Importance Of Pressure Washing

Regardless of these methods, the most effective way of preventing stains is by getting at the very least a yearly pressure washing for your property. Whether it means getting a fence cleaning, house washing, or patio and porch cleaning, getting a professional pressure washing for your home is what is going to keep it clean.


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